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*TL* The Trudy Ludwig SEL-Focused Companion Unit Power Pack (grades 4-6)

*TL* The Trudy Ludwig SEL-Focused Companion Unit Power Pack (grades 4-6)

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This excellent value bundle includes the companion units to "My Secret Bully", "Confessions of a Former Bully", "Sorry", "Trouble Talk", "Brave Every Day", "Just Kidding",  "Better Than You", "The Invisible Boy", and "Too Perfect".

Trudy Ludwig is one of the best Social Emotional Learning authors on the market.

This power pack bundles 9 of her most effective books.

Each unit contains a summary of themes, discussion prompts, comprehension questions, comprehension student pages, and a corresponding mini-assessment. In many of the units, further SEL competencies and important topics are tackled with explanations, anchor charts, and student pages for follow-up. Extension and cumulative tasks are included for each unit.

See each unit individually in our product descriptions for specific details.

Some of the SEL Topics covered:

"My Secret Bully" - Relational Aggression

"Confessions of a Former Bully" - Relational Aggression; Good Friends Do, Good Friends Don't; Empower Tools

"Sorry" - Apologies and Restorative Practice

"Trouble Talk" - What constitutes trouble talk

"Brave Every Day" - Resilience; Comfort Zones

Just Kidding" -  Teasing

"Better Than You" - Bragging and Boasting

"The Invisible Boy" - Identity and Inclusion

 "Too Perfect" - Perfection and Self Talk

126 pages

*The actual books are not included with this companion unit bundle*

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