The JOY Project (gr 4-8)

The JOY Project (gr 4-8)

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SEL TOPICS: Self Awareness; Identifying Emotions; Mindsets

None of us live in a state of joy all the time. It may be the goal of some, but for the average person more reasonable goals are to notice sparks or moments of joy, appreciate them, and find routes to get there as often as possible.

The purpose of the JOY project is to introduce students to the concept of joy, emphasize its uniqueness for each individual, educate on the connection between gratitude and joy, and extol the overall health benefits of seeking and sharing joy with others.

 This project combines activities, reflective discussions, and student pages (that can be put together as a "JOY Journal"). It will assist students in exploring their own joy journeys and identify some of the paths that lead them there as well as strategies to assist them when roadblocks get in the way.

The JOY project aims to cultivate a positive and empathetic classroom culture while fostering emotional well-being and an understanding of the importance of joy in their lives and the lives of others.

54 pages

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