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Tackling Important SEL Topics: Stress and Worry (gr 2-6)

Tackling Important SEL Topics: Stress and Worry (gr 2-6)

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SEL Topic: Self Management

A discussion about stress and worry is a good first step when tackling self-management and well-being.

 It is important to first differentiate between healthy and unhealthy stress. It can then be a good segue into an important brainstorming and consideration of strategies that can be used to deal and cope with unhealthy stress and worry.

This unit tackles the topic of stress and worry. Companion material is included for the books "Brave Every Day," by Trudy Ludwig and Worry Says What?", by Alison Edwards. Student pages include comprehension questions, check-ins, a comfort and stretch zone student page, word search with extensions, and a cumulative assessment.

19 pages


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