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Positive and Negative Self Talk (gr 2-6)

Positive and Negative Self Talk (gr 2-6)

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SEL Topic: Self-Awareness; Self-Management

Our internal voice has an incredible impact on how we present and face the world.

 Explicitly teaching students to incorporate and practice positive self-talk as well as shutting down negative self-talk are important self-awareness and self-management skills.

The concept can be abstract for younger students. Fortunately, there are many great read alouds that help promote a helpful "inner coach" and hush the "inner critic".

This unit includes discussion and journal prompts, read aloud companion units to Alison Hughes, "Cold Little Voice", Alison Edwards' "Worry Says What?", and Trudy Ludwig's "Brave Every Day". Reading comprehension sheets, accompanying student pages, sample affirmation pages, and a media cumulative assessment assignment with rubric are included.

44 pages

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