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Let's Turn Inside Out (gr 1-3)

Let's Turn Inside Out (gr 1-3)

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SEL Topic: Well-Being, Positive Self-Image

Primary students are working hard to understand who they are and how other people see them. Guiding them to understand that the way a person looks on the outside is only a small part of who that person really is will help them see themselves, and others, in a positive way.

This unit can also be used to address mental health as students learn that the way they feel on the inside does not always show on the outside so communication is important when feelings are hard to handle on their own.

Unit includes:

*bulletin board options in color and black and white

*Take a Look Inside ME! art activity for students to consider what important qualities, skills, and feelings they have on the inside

*Let's Turn Inside OUT t-shirt design activity for students to compare what can be seen on the outside and what cannot be seen on the inside

*Get to Know ME! writing planner and page for writing

*Inside OUT Day poster and suggestions for classroom or school

42 pages

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