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I have the right and also the responsibility! (gr 2-6)

I have the right and also the responsibility! (gr 2-6)

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SEL Topic: Responsible Decision Making

Exploring the meaning of rights and responsibilities as well as their relationship is an important step in establishing a healthy functioning classroom community.

Students need to understand that it is not just about what they are entitled to but that they have responsibilities tied to each right in order for their community to thrive.

Cocreating expectations and norms early in the year helps everyone know what will be accepted and what will not. Tying an expectation (right) to a responsibility allows students to see the connection and necessity of both.

Clarity about what each right and responsibility looks like, sounds like, and feels like helps consolidate the kind of environment expected.

This unit contains anchor charts for each right and corresponding responsibility. a match-the-columns sheet, student pages to go with each, discussion questions, and suggested resets.

36 pages

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