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End of year Wrap Up (grades 3-8)

End of year Wrap Up (grades 3-8)

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SEL Topics: Goal Setting, Growth Mindset, Responsible Decision Making, Gratitude, Community Building, Identity, and Self and Social Awareness 

Finish the year off reflective and strong!

Educators are exhausted and need work that students can quietly and independently be engaged with!

This unit is a great end of year wrap up that will allow you to breathe as your students engage creatively and independently on student pages that promote reflection, self-awareness, empathy, social awareness, goal setting, and many other SEL related topics.

There are many SEL and curriculum centered student pages to choose from. Pick the ones that you feel are best suited to your class. Each one can lend to an individual SEL lesson  or you can use the cover page and create an independent student work booklet.

41 pages

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