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*TL* Companion Unit to Trudy Ludwig's "Too Perfect" (gr 3-6)

*TL* Companion Unit to Trudy Ludwig's "Too Perfect" (gr 3-6)

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SEL Topic: Perfectionism and Self Talk

Making mistakes is an essential part of learning, but to perfectionists, it can feel like the end of the world.

In a society where being the "best" drives the masses (be it marks, sports, appearance, you name it...), the need to achieve, compare, and be better than others has become an area of non-stop pressure. The book “Too Perfect”, by Trudy Ludwig, explores the pressure and the downfalls of being a perfectionist and highlights the importance of being kind and setting healthy and reasonable standards of achievement.

This unit consists of discussion questions, reading comprehension pages, a reading comprehension mini assessment, a separate complimentary unit on self talk and automatic thoughts with accompanying student pages, a vocabulary building word search with extension activities, and two cumulative tasks.

16 pages

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