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*JJ* Companion Guide to Jory John's "The Good Egg" (gr 3-6)

*JJ* Companion Guide to Jory John's "The Good Egg" (gr 3-6)

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SEL Topic: Self-Care

The book “The Good Egg”, written by Jory John and illustrated by Pete Oswald, explores how other people's behavior can impact our own well being even when we are doing everything possible to please everyone and be "good". The Good Egg experiences extreme stress that affected both his mental and physical health. He ends up not only developing some coping strategies to help, but coming to terms with the fact that some things will always be outside of his control.

This unit consists of discussion questions, reading comprehension pages, a reading comprehension mini assessment, a template for Things Within Our Control; Things Outside Our Control", Self-Care Bingo lesson and template, "The Volcano Inside" student page, and a vocabulary building word search with extension activities.

15 pages

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