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*JJ* Companion Guide to Jory John"s "The Couch Potato (gr 3-6)

*JJ* Companion Guide to Jory John"s "The Couch Potato (gr 3-6)

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SEL Topic: Life Balance

Finding balance in life is a quest we are all faced with. Sometimes it takes getting pushed out of our comfort zones to discover where equilibrium lies.

In the book, "The Couch Potato", written by Jory John and illustrated by Pete Oswald, the Couch Potato discovers that there is a whole world outside his perfectly designed house. A power outage forces him out of his comfortable indoor space to the natural outside world with real people, real scenery, and real interactions. He soon comes to the realization that there is room for both worlds and in fact, he is happier spreading his time between the two.

This unit contains discussion prompts, reading comprehension pages, a mini reading assessment, and a vocabulary-building word search with extension activities.

15 pages 

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