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*AR* Companion Guide to Aaron Reynold's "Nerdy Bird Tweets" (gr 3-6)

*AR* Companion Guide to Aaron Reynold's "Nerdy Bird Tweets" (gr 3-6)

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SEL Topic: Healthy Relationships

In the book, Nerdy Birdy Tweets, written by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Matt Davies, Nerdy Bird joins Tweetster and makes several new friendships. It is not long before he realizes the value of longstanding healthy and invested friendships and appreciates and turns his attention and communication to the friends who are right in front of him.

This unit consists of discussion questions, reading comprehension pages, a reading comprehension mini-assessment, a fill-in-the-blanks, a template for good friends do/good friends don't brainstorm, "Wanted Good Friend" student page, anchor charts, and a vocabulary-building word search with extension activities.

18 pages

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